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Dear citizens of Graz,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Come to Graz!

Graz is a proud gem in the Crown of the firmament.
Graz is a bouncy castle and glorious student days, the lovely face of the next-door girl.

Internationally compared, practically no crimes are committed, for Graz is as certain and safe as the Amen and the Hallelujah of the European Union. Graz is also a living witness of defying the Turks, it is a mild diet, a canopy, it is an international fair and an estimate of costs: vision and world heritage, simplicity and simple-mindedness: my Graz.

Early in the morning, the doe grazes the golf-links. At night, the upright men sweat in the faithful arms of their hometown sweethearts.

If you want to know better what Graz is, come to the island. In the heart of the river Mur, I have made a dream come true and this is my dearest republic Acconci.

There, I am my house, there I am my home.
There it is safe! Safe! Safe! Safe!

Greetings from his admirable grace,
the delightful consul Hoff.
P.S.: You may put to my account up to 7 euro
in every shop in Graz.

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  1. Thou shalt keep thy environment clean.

  2. Thou shalt not endanger anybody.

  3. Thou shalt praise the day before the evening.

  4. Thou shalt move only as much as absolutely necessary.

  5. Thou shalt end each day with reviewing it.

  6. Thou shalt not leave thy fellow-beings in the dark about thy feelings.

  7. Thou shalt always greet, and if thou knowest the person's name, say it, too.

  8. Thou shalt not be more beautiful than anybody else.

  9. Thou shalt accentuate thy sex.

  10. Thou shalt say it when thou goest and when thou comest.