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Page for personal data.
To be completed by the passport holder.

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Important Instructions for the Passport Holder

  1. Attention: Holding a passport does not mean you have an entry permit. Not until you have paid for and received the stamp of the organizer (visa), are you entitled to enter Acconci on the Mur. You may get the visa at the INFO-bureau 2003 on Mariahilferplatz, Graz.
  2. Please note that the quota for entering Acconci on the Mur is very small. The island, at the maximum, holds 300 persons. Get your visa in time.
  3. Visas that have been issued are binding and cannot be refunded. You may, however, leave the island within the period of validity of your visa. A re-entry may be denied due to security reasons. Explicitly exempted from this regulation is the use of the public toilet on the bank of the river Mur/"Kastner" side.
  4. Acconci on the Mur is almost completely an open air country. The population defies almost any weather. Be prepared for sudden bad weather. Events are only cancelled in the case of force majeure.
  5. In the transit room (formerly café), you may buy drinks and snacks.
  6. Persons entering the island give their consent to be photographed and filmed. The pictures may be published and shown on TV within the framework of the republic Acconci on the Mur. The publication will not be remunerated.
  7. You enter at your own risk.
  8. Enjoy your stay in the republic Acconci on the Mur.